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Knuckle down time | C.R.Michaels
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As the title says, the time has come to stop making excuses not to edit my novel and knuckle down and get it done. My main problems are time, or a lack thereof, and perfectionism. The first I’m trying to get a grip of, as I have reduced the number of book edits I take in each month; the second I am still struggling with, although I accept I will probably never be one hundred percent happy with it, not helped by the fact that I keep buying (and reading) books about structure, plot arcs, and methods of characterisation.

The plan is to get the story in order (once and for all) and get it out to an editor or two for dissection. I think authors tend to be their own worst critiques anyway, so the time is fast approaching where I should stop tinkering with it and changing things and start getting some third-party feedback.

Because of time constraints however, I have decided to publish this book as a series (serial) of novellas, mainly because it will make my task more manageable with my workload, but also because I need more experience with serial/series books, and there is no better way to learn than through trial and error. The way it’s written at present, it can easily be moulded into shorter parts of a whole story. My intention is to split it into a serial of six books of about 25-30,000 words each, comprising of a full story arc, but with continuing themes.

That’s the plan anyway.

I spent some time the other day outlining the six different parts, and believe separating it will be a far better option for me, as I can deal with one chunk at a time. It also makes editing more affordable, as I’ll be doing that in chunks too.

Having made this decision, I feel that I have less of a mountain to climb. It also gives me a chance to go into a little more depth with my characters and worldbuilding — really bring them to life — and consider my target audience. I’ not writing to market as I can only really write the stories that call to me personally, plus I’ve spent many an hour thinking up ways not to repeat overdone tropes, or at the very least, add my own twist to it. I have researched audience expectations though, so hopefully, when the time comes to publish, I’ll find a few readers who enjoy the world and characters I’ve created.

I think that’s enough talking for now: It is indeed time to knuckle down.