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Inspirations: Global Warming | C.R.Michaels
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I thought I would share some of my inspirations for writing the stories I do. As I write ‘end of the world’ (as we know it) stories, Global Warming has to sit quite high on the list. It’s a common enough topic in the news in the present, and there are lots of speculation and theories about what could happen to Earth if we continue to destroy our resources and pump poisons into the sea and atmosphere.

I found this chart in my (research) travels:
(Source: http://www.theglobalwarmingfoundation.org/charts/)

While I may not understand all the science and research done by the Climate Research Unit at the University of East Anglia, I can surmise from this that as our population and industrialisation grows (not to mention all the resources we take for granted), that it has a direct effect on global temperatures.

We’ve all, I’m sure, seen footage of the ice caps melting and experienced either extreme weather patterns or confused seasons. This year, for example, we appear to have bypassed Spring. We had a severe cold spell at the start of the season, with heavy snow and ice, then one week later, we were slap-bang into summer with scorching-hot weather.

Global warming is quite a common theme as different authors imagine how it might work out for us:


  • Would we get to the point where we become in desperate need of a new planet?
  • Will we enact controls that have a detrimental effect on our present-day way of life (but save the planet in the process)?
  • Will extreme weather make Earth (effectively) uninhabitable?
  • What if we reach the point where we destroy our natural defenses (ozone)?
  • Could technology be created to control weather conditions?
  • What would happen if all the bees (pollinators) died as a result of our negligence?


These are some of the questions I’ve seen raised in books and films, often with interesting solutions and/or thought-provoking outcomes.

And then there is this meme doing the rounds:

(Image source: https://me.me/i/imagine-if-trees-give-wifi-wed-all-be-planting-like-16304726)


I shall be exploring global warming in more depth as my writing and editing of my novel progress. My biggest decision at the moment is deciding how global warming affects the world I’m creating.

  • Hot or cold?
  • Wet or dry?
  • Poisoned atmosphere or merely polluted?
  • Is the food chain in chaos?


I’ll end this post with a link to an interesting ‘What If’ question: