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Global Warming is one of the inspirations for my novel, although I had a little trouble deciding on the specifics. For the purposes of the story, I needed the Earth to be in dire straits with no chance of recovery thus forcing the population to look elsewhere for a place to live.

The idea was to make Earth a watery world with very little land, although research informed me that even if all the icebergs melted, it wouldn’t cover the land mass completely (although a lot of the lower-lying regions would succumb to the oceans). I also wanted resources to be scarce, driving people into the city where this story is set, although any new arrivals will soon learn it isn’t the sanctuary they were hoping for.

Global warming, and it’s after effects, only serves as a backdrop in this story. Its purpose is to create a hostile environment that not only causes resources such as food and fuel to become scarce, and force those in authority to take charge of its distribution but open the door for others to take advantage as society struggles to remain civilised. It is a vision of how things might be in the future, but this isn’t a story about saving the Earth – they passed that point a long time ago.